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Risk Management

Praxis works closely with its client’s in the development of a ‘Risk Profile’ which is produced with input from 'Key Post Holders' working within our client's organisation.

The profile considers all aspects of our clients operations, confirming all manner of ‘Hazard’ and the potential ‘Impact’ they may have on their operations and their overall day-to-day performance capability.

The ‘Risk Profile’ and the resulting ‘Control Measures’ it contains and / or makes reference to are in turn used to develop and implement the Company’s overall ‘Risk Strategy’ in support of its ‘Integrated Management Systems’.

It is as a result of this process that our clients are able to appreciate the need for the structured Management Systems we help them develop, as well as any ‘Change’ in its ‘Culture’ or ‘Operational Capability’ based on the ‘Safe and Effective Mitigation of Quantified Risk’.

The ‘Risk Profile’ we produce for our clients is at all times kept up to date with their commitments and the sectors in which they operate, and as such is used and referenced in ‘Key Decision-Making’ processes such that it is at all times possible for our clients to demonstrate ‘Due Diligence’ in support of their ‘Duty of Care’.

Risk Management facilitates our clients in ‘Making the Right Decisions’, for all the ‘Right Reasons’.


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