Praxis ...supporting extraordinary people

Culture and Staff Support

By far the most important asset any Company has is its staff.

It is also the behaviour of its staff that has the most effect on Company performance, good and sometimes bad. It is to this end that we work with our clients and their staff to ensure the behaviour to which we refer is of a high standard that will support the business, its clients and its on-going growth and development.

Integral to these arrangements we make sure roles and responsibilities for all staff are defined and understood, as well as the required levels of competency and performance we and our clients expect to have, present and achieve.

It is not surprising therefore that relationships we have with our clients key staff members is in support of their expected duties and responsibilities, as well as their competency management, career development and performance improvement, all of which being demonstrable through agreed specifications, plans, risk, business and performance models we develop and implement with our clients blessing, and in some instances on their behalf.  


Inspiring its clients, by developing and supporting extraordinary people.