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About Us

Praxis Risk and Compliance Management Limited, initially established in May 2005, providing;

  • Management System Development, Implementation and Support Services

  • Compliance Management Services

  • Audit, Assessor and Certification Services

  • IOSH Approved Training Services

  • Bespoke Training Services

  • Database Design and Installation Services

  • Data Management Services

  • Online Document Hosting Services

Praxis prides itself in providing all the above services throughout the whole of the UK, and within a wide range of business sectors to, predominantly;

  • The Rail Industry,

  • Utility Organisations,

  • Training and Assessment Bodies,

  • Labour Supply Agencies,

  • Plant Operating Companies

  • Civils and Construction Companies,

  • Manufacturing and Service Industries

In short, Praxis offer an extremely 'Professional Quality Service' utilising in-house, directly employed 'Competent Professionals', who in turn provide 'Tailor-Made Packages and Products' designed and structured to both 'Suit' and 'Meet' the needs of our clients.

Other than the IOSH Certified Training Packages we provide, Praxis does not offer its client's 'Off the Shelf Products'. All packages, products and services we provide our clients are 'Bespoke', in that they have been designed, structured and implemented with their involvement and their input, both at 'Corporate' and 'Operational' levels.

Praxis provides a 'Quality' and a 'Professional Service' for its clients, in that everthing it does is based on 'Achieving and Maintaining Compliance', while at the same time 'Improving' their overall 'Performance Capability'. We also like to maintain and support 'Long-Term' relationships with our clients, not because they feel they must, but because they 'Choose To'. This we believe is a true comendation for 'Customer Satisfaction' we provide.

If you like what you see, we are even better 'Face to Face', please get in touch we shall be only too pleased to deal with any query you may have, or enquiry you wish to make. After all 'It is our Business to Support Your Business', that's why we are here.