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How We Work

It is the "Correct Blend" of "Systems" and "People" that in the end achieve the "Required Culture" within our client's operations. People, their attitudes, application, involvement and hard work make the difference. They can "Think" for themselves and "Re-Align" efforts where necessary, whereby "Systems" are merely a "Tool", an "Aid" by which we strive to make people's tasks easier and more productive.

To this end, a large proportion of time spent with our clients involves interaction with "Key Staff Members" encouraging their input and gaining their support and confidence with the programme. Without their "Buy In" any progress made on behalf of our client"s would at best be slow and restricted, and at worst doomed to fail.

Praxis believe the "Key Factors" in the achievement of this aim being the "Increased Motivation" of its staff, as well as their active "Involvement" with all manner of any decision-making and monitoring processes its systems demand.

We base this belief on our vast experience in the development and implementation of management systems, such that a Company may have the finest systems in the world, but if its staff are for what ever reason not involved in their development or they are unable or fail to use them as intended; mistakes shall be made, performance shall falter and accidents will happen.

Praxis believe by involving, empowering and supporting its client's staff in the development, implementaion and use of its 'Management Systems' a truly 'Safe and Effective Operating Culture' shall ensue.

Failure to involve our client's staff in this way, results in only 20% of the potential benefit available to them being realised, the remaining 80% of the potential benefit is down to people we work with.

This is a well proven fact.