Praxis ...supporting extraordinary people


Working under contract with our clients we help develop, monitor, present and achieve their business and strategic aims and objectives. Some of which may be timescale related, and some may be in support of the Company’s on-going business performance achievements and improvements.

The detail of which we present in the form of a Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Plan which runs for a twelve-month period confirming Key Performance Indicators in support of our clients previously mentioned aims and aspirations.

The KPI’s mentioned above subsequently form the basis of a Standard Agenda for regularly held Performance Review Meetings, where achieved performance is presented and compared against that required by key staff with designated performance responsibility.

At the end of each calendar year we review the year’s actual performance achieved against that required, such that we may determine achieved performance and trend, and to re-align the following year’s required performance levels to ensure continual improved performance going forward year on year.    


Inspiring its clients, by developing and supporting extraordinary people.